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    Is Genode really a special-purpose OS? What is that purpose? The project home page says:

    The Genode OS framework is an open-source tool kit for building highly secure component-based operating systems. It scales from embedded devices to dynamic general-purpose computing.

    When I think special-purpose OS, I think of proprietary things like JunOS, TIMOS, FortiOS, ZyNOS for network switches – and the odd open-source competitor like VyOS, which is just a specialized Linux distro. Other purpose-specific distros like Kali, Tails, Qubes come to mind too. I think Linux is being painted with an awfully broad brush here. I mean, even Android uses the Linux kernel, right?

    But, the overall sentiment is right on the money. And don’t even get me started about browsers!

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      yes, and while android core may not be another example of vendor purpose os, it sure seems like the most commonly shipped android devices do fit the bill.

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      It’s interesting to see Solaris listed as distinct from UNIX!

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        And Haiku :) I was just padding the list to be honest.

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        This article feels violent like a stab in the general big vendor’s direction, but when all you are as an individual is an ant face to these, stabbing much looks like a good joke.

        In the meantime, let’s maintain and keep our favorite non-vendor-purposed OS for good and not let them turn into a cash cow