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    Regarding prefix trees: this is mostly a windows problem where filesystem performance degrades drastically as the directory listing becomes larger. It can also be a problem on Linux but in my experience the cases where it happens are either pathological or are concerning ext2 or older. https://ext4.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Ext4_Disk_Layout#Linear_.28Classic.29_Directories AFAIK directory listing is essentially performed everytime a file is opened by path, for every direct or indirect parent directory of the file.

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      Are there any measurements of Windows filesystem performance and estimates of its asymptotic complexity?

      I suppose my per-page cache directory approach also solves that performance problem but I’m curious how exactly bad it is.

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        I have no idea about hard measurements or even sources. I think it’s mostly passed down as folklore via stackoverflow

        i don’t think static site generators should even produce cache directories at a scale where this matters, and I am not sure if good performance on windows is a high priority for soupault?

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          I’m not using Windows but I know some people use soupault on it. From my experience, good filesystem performance on Windows is difficult to get, though. My only goal is not to make it worse than it could be.