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    AFAIK, OpenBSD devs recommend against OpenVPN. If you’re on OpenBSD, OpenIKED is probably a safer choice and uses a standard VPN protocol to boot.

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      Could you link us such recommendation?

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        reyk’s OpenIKED paper - the slides simplify it to “for religious people”

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      Wouldn’t a VPN on a server you own be largely pointless unless you can pay for the server anonymously such that the IP can’t be traced back to your identity?

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        It’s easier to find hosting providers who don’t muck with your traffic than local ISPs. Tracked but not tampered with is strictly better than tracked and tampered with.

        Also, you have better control of the jurisdiction your traffic would appear to originate from.

        Thirdly, for some people, you aren’t necessarily hidden behind some form of NAT. v4 IPs are still readily available, though perhaps not locally.