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      I’m still non the wiser what their concrete plans are for Ubuntu moving forward. This whole article is just corporate jargon.

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        Yeah. This…

        Recently, we embarked on an internal exercise to consolidate and bring structure to our values and goals for how we plan to evolve the desktop experience over the next few years. This post is designed to share the output of those discussions and give insight into the direction we’re going.

        …is 100% the kind of meaningless blather that is usually followed by something like “…and that’s why we’ve decided to discontinue Ubuntu Desktop!”

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      Dear $DEITY, was this written by ChatGPT? There is some interesting stuff around upcoming features but it’s well padded with fluff.

      Also: never thought I’d see the day when a Linux distro’s website employed dark patterns to (attempt to) trick me into “consenting” to tracking.

      /me goes grumpily back to FreeBSD and StumpWM

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      Linux Mint’s Debian-based escape hatch is looking more and more prescient by the day.

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      The future of the Ubuntu desktop is shoving Snap down users throats and removing more packages from the repo to force the transition. I left for Debian and am enjoying it more than I’ve enjoyed Linux in a very long time.