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    Since we’re discussing how this is off topic, I’ll make an off-topic comment about how the copy of this site is very easy to read (with respect to colors and typography).

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      The content is good too. The author’s reference to Shenzhen as “Big Rock Candy Mountain” elicited one of those spontaneous cubicle giggles that outs me as obviously NOT reading documentation… :(

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        Documentation used to be written to elicit giggles. Not all of it, but a part of quality documentation

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      A lot of the really popular artists who do commissions do this too. If your waiting list is years and years long, start charging more :P

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        Reluctantly flagged off-topic as it’s about economics and marketing, not computing.

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          From a nerd’s perspective I liked this - it was written well, held the interest and was about an interesting topic that intersects math and psychology. I consider it on-topic for this site.

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            I agree it’s good content. But it’s still off-topic. I’m just one voice. I’m not gonna go mad if others upvote it.

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            I’ll note that there is a (finance) – Finance and economics tag that seems to have content somewhat similar to this. Given that that’s one of the predefined tags on this site, that suggests to me that this post is not wholy off-topic here and is simply mis-tagged. Personally, I found it well written and fairly interesting.

            Edit: It appears that events have overtaken me. In the time it took me to write this, the tag has been corrected from (hardware) to (finance).

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              I didn’t realize there was a finance tag! I will remove my flag.

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              I know the policies and culture of our site have evolved over time. The most upvoted thing I’ve ever posted anywhere (2017) wouldn’t be appropriate to post here today.

              How do we feel about this?

              “Reluctant” could describe my feelings. I enjoy this site being a source for on-topic content, and I am willing to protect it from becoming a cesspool.. I support efforts to remove off-topic content even if (and sometimes especially if) it is good or engaging.

              But like… I also love this post and I’m glad I read it.

              Should the lobste.rs community spawn an off-topic site or sub forum or something? (it’s just a question!)

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                I never liked this obsession with The Topic™, I’d love to see more of this on the main site instead of some spin-off nobody would use.

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                  I’d agree. At this time this is one of the most upvoted stories on the front page. To me that says the community has decided that it is, in fact on topic. If it wasn’t, it’d be downvoted.

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                    It would be nice to have a series of integrated sites that were more focused and preselected than subreddits. E.g. having a business oriented site (like barnacles) that had tags for finance, auctions, economics, etc. would be pretty nice.

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                    That’s exactly the problem–I think it’s a totally interesting and neat article, and well-done, but my rough bucket is “analysis of the economics of a luxury good”. And it pains me, but like there’s a lot of interesting content out there that can clog up a site like this pretty quickly.

                    I think an off-topic site for this, say the massive discussion on the orange site, would be a fine place for this.

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                      I think an off-topic site for this, say the massive discussion on the orange site, would be a fine place for this.

                      I think an off-topic sister site based on the Lobsters codebase would be pretty good, too. It’s so much easier to use this site than to try to follow (or participate in) what’s going on in orange site discussions.

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                      I’ve been meaning to build my own keyboard for a while now (have a few of the components, still need to get a PCB and case made). I hope the cost doesn’t come anywhere near $1668!