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    I’m not sure I find it very comforting that a piece of software with a large attack surface is named “breach”.

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      So. It’s s more modern take on Mozilla/FF? Mozilla’s UI was built on XUL/JS. XUL being an XML based interface language…

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        tbeh I’d almost rather see something based off of Servo move in this direction: use JS & XUL/XML/CSS/What-have-you with a more secure core. The core now would then be more secure, and you can get more people contributing to the UI.

        I’d be very happy if Quark were used in this; then not only would it be hackable but we could be relatively more sure that there was little risk in running items from multiple sites. Might be an interesting project to see how to merge the two…

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        Similar ideas to luakit, uzbl, etc, but more flexible (or overengineered, depending on your POV). Great that we’re starting to get microbrowsers based on chromium; webkti-gtk is a real mess.

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          A healthy ecosystem of browsers is a good thing. I for one welcome our new javascript overlords.