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I primarily look for stuff written by/attributed to- other people on the forum. Partly because the discourse seem to be more balanced and direct, but also because most of the other links tend to bubble up in ten other channels in about the same timeframe – the internet, sock-puppeting, marketing, what have you. Thus, the request - I’d like to see/browse only the stuff other crustaceans would dare to take the blame for :-)

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    @nickpsecurity asked recently for this, too. I think this would be useful and would take a PR for it.

    The search code has grown kind of janky. It would be a good start to split objects for story searching from comment searching; having them mixed with all the conditionals makes them hard to follow. There was also a PR to add tests but that’s stalled.

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      Thanks for reminder. Yeah, Ill try to write up a search PR sometime today. I should have time.

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      What about “author:name search query”?