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I’d like to introduce mockturtle, the ##lobsters channel bot. He announces new submissions to lobster.rs while keeping us company in the channel. The bot was created shortly after kristof announced a lobste.rs IRC channel on freenode, ##lobsters,[1][2] with story submission being a commonly requested feature.

The name mockturtle is a reference to the Mock Turtle in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, who sings a song called the Lobster Quadrille.[3] If you ask mockturtle to .sing he’ll quote a random line from this song. He will also search (.g or .w), look up words (.dict), and fetch title information for URLs pasted in the channel.

For the curious, mockturtle publishes new story submissions using irker,[4] after receiving them via the lobste.rs email gateway.[5] Channel commands are handled by willie.[6]

I’ve enjoyed interacting with the lobste.rs community on IRC, and I hope you find mockturtle as useful as I do. If you would like to submit a bug or feature request, please message me or leave a comment here.

1: An Official IRC Channel for Lobsters

2: Re: An Official Lobsters Channel

3: The Mock Turtle’s Song

4: irker - An IRC notification Bot

5: Lobsters by mail

6: Willie - The Python IRC Bot


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    And pretty soon, we’ll have a log, too. :)