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    State of freelancing job

Thought a bit about trying out my luck as a freelancer. Seems it would be a good fit with my other endeavors. Some software related projects that might require a lot of travel and so forth.

Usually you have a lot of good ideas and ideas. So what do you have to share with the state of the freelancing market these days?

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    I am not a freelancer, but a couple thoughts:

    • Do you live in the US? Anecdotally, I’ve seen many freelancer/bootstrapper types switch to a FT job in the past couple years largely due the uncertainties in dealing with health insurance, esp. if they have dependents.

    • How often do you expect to switch projects? A general rule I’ve heard is that you need to spend ~10hrs/week focused more on marketing/pitching/client outreach.

    • Could help to have some setup of having an ‘anchor client’ of part-time retainer work mixed with offshoot projects.