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      I’ve always loved the classic PalmOS best, but webOS had elegance, and there’s a Prē 2 and a Veer here that I should dust off.

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        WebOS was such a missed opportunity. HP had a platform to give HP Touchpads to open source developers. I got one and used it to port the Objective-C runtime to Arm. Fantastic machine and everyone who got one was excited. I think they killed the entire product line and the Pre about a month after they started sending them out to developers.

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          Would have loved a Prē 3 but missed that window. I actually got my 2 from the dev program shortly before it shut down.

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      I’m glad they preserved this. I once ran WebOS on an old Android tablet and it worked out great! I left it on there until the tablet died. The OS UI/UX is fantastic.