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    Your users won’t really care though and will demand the perfect experience everywhere.

    As they should. They’re paying us, after all. (I checked, and the author is offering a commercial product, not an open-source project.)

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      I continue to not regret my personal policy for supporting Apple devices and software in FLOSS projects: I will merge your patches if you test them, but I will not test them myself; I will not purchase Apple hardware, but you may purchase hardware for me. Unsurprisingly, while people have donated me hardware over the years, mostly in “free, as in ‘free puppy’” terms, nobody has ever donated me thousands of dollars of Apple hardware necessary to provide long-term support for OSX.

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        Yes, it’s kind of a pain. We recently had a breakage in leiningen on OSX because neither the patch submitter nor the people usually testing stuff use a mac and this was one thing that’s different between GNU and BSD userland.

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        One cross-platform tool made recently that comes to mind is Fork.