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    Pages with lots of mathematical expressions tend to take a long time to be rendered with MathJAX; KaTeX is a similar tool that’s much faster: https://khan.github.io/KaTeX/

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      I wish MathML were a widely browser accepted thing. At least it would be standardized and would not have to rely on JavaScript or CSS trickery; it’d be built specifically to render math. I guess I shall survive with LaTeX exporting to SVGs or PNGs.

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        So do I. If it was, I would be using AsciiMathML is ve9y ea/y to type.

        But the great news is that with a simple css stylesheet, every browser can render your MathML!

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          Made typos while typing “very easy to type”. -_-

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        Here is an overview of mutiple alternatives, including MathJax, Mathml, plain text, preformatted text, tables, unicode… http://www.cs.tut.fi/%7Ejkorpela/math/

        And a wikipedia page about converting math for the web: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MathML#Web_conversion

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          I bypassed all math typesetting by writing them right away in ascii.