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    Author quotes “Studies have shown that people who use a laptop during things like lectures and meetings can be so distracted that it’s almost as if they aren’t present at all.” but doesn’t link to a citation.

    I mean, I want to believe this myself but I can’t very well tell my manager to stop bringing her laptop without at least pointing to one of these studies…

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      I believe this is good advice, especially ending every meeting with the meta-meeting (was this a good meeting?) It’s both a good way to signal the end of the meeting, provide a recap if needed, and eliminate pointless recurring meetings.

      I can’t really get behind #4 as hard guidance.

      In a high-speed meeting, I need an open editor to expand my working memory, and I need access to my scheduling tools to verify commitments and workload.

      In a crappy meeting, I also like the option of getting some work done, not everyone runs good meetings and that’s fine.

      If you have distracted people in a meeting, maybe they don’t really need to be there, or something else could benefit from a change.