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    looks like a decent alternative to mcabber, but I really hope this trend of “git clone and run a mystery shell script” ends soon. we have trusted build systems and package distribution systems; we should use them.

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      That’s for running the developer branch only. Linux Distributions and *BSDs have it packaged.

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        Yeah. I was going to build it because I didn’t know if it was in the repos of my distribution (Fedora), however I found that it was.

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        Most package distribution systems assume root (except for a few such as Nix variants and pkgsrc AFAIK). I don’t see why I should prefer such a distribution especially when the intent is to try it out first.

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          mcabber. Never heard of it. I can check it out but since I am becoming accustomed to poezio Idk.

          I see they look similar hence I will probably stay with poezio.

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            You mean like these package distribution systems?