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    You’ve got it backwards. These ham fisted and obvious attempts are poorly done for a reason that benefits the attacker. Feature, not a bug.

    Having these scams be more professionally and competently designed risks wasting scammer time on someone who is likely to ultimately see through the deception.

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      TIL! That angle never occurred to me, but it makes total sense. What a time to be alive! 😹

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      He omits an important point though. There’s a far scarier variety of those messages that includes a real password from a leaked account dump. We need to explain why those are generally no more credible than the “plain” vaeriety.

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        Hah. Yeah, the two “we have a compromising video of you” extortion emails I have received were of that variety. (I recognised the password as one I used in the past, before adopting a password manager years ago.)

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        Not entirely sure if I follow why this is being flagged as off-topic, as it seems pretty on-topic to me? 🤔

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          Because we have a lot of story-killing eggheads whose idea of “unnecessary editorializing” is having one iota of independent thought

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            I think this guy is taking this whole thing way too seriously. Gullible folks are going to be gullible…

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              That’s a bit too glib, I would argue. There will always be gullible people, yes. There will always be disease, but we can still meaningfully improve people’s lives by fighting against it and educating people to avoid high-risk behavior.

              Plus, even if you don’t care about other people, an uneducated population is bad for everyone else.