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    This is a pretty amazing and detailed report. I know people have given Purism crap in the past for their laptops not being open enough, but it’s incredibly difficult with the way the Intel/AMD platform is today. I think the flag used by DOD/DOE machines to disable ME for government machines was found pretty recently as well. Kudos to the team for this really detailed post.

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      The bit (more like many bits) about WiFi not working are one of my lingering concerns about disabling ME. I mean, sure, it’s your computer, do what you want. But I can imagine openbsd wiring up pci registers or interrupts or whatever just a little differently (msi or not, perhaps) and nothing working. Then users file bugs, and it’s hard enough getting even basic system info, so you just know they’re not going to mention the MExorcism. Fortunately, I don’t do hardware support. :)

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        Don’t give me nightmares, please.

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          Definitely. I’ve already seen some differences.

          I have two Thinkpad X200s: one with the stock BIOS, and a second with Libreboot and the ME erased. OpenBSD works flawlessly on the stock machine, but I recall having difficulties with Libreboot. Something to do with VGA option ROMs? Or maybe the EFI boot process? I decided to shelve the problem for later.