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      This looks interesting, but it’s lacking a bunch of information, so I can’t really make sense of it. Most importantly: What is this intended to do? What are the properties that it is designed to achieve?

      The only thing resembling a “design goal” that I can see would be

      To make sure all fork routers can access each other, […]

      but it’s unclear to me how the proposed solution

      their second route—their reline—points to the router that points to the router that points to them: forming a circular reference.

      would ensure that. All it ensures is that routers can reach at least two other routers and themselves. It is easy to come up with a fork-routed network that satisfies the reline rule but where not all routers can reach all routers (i.e. it is not strongly connected).

      For example, you can take any two fork-routed networks and lay them next to each other. The new network has relines, but is not strongly connected. Or you can take any directed graph with a vertex outdegree of 3 everywhere that is not strongly connected and replace each vertex with 3 fork routers that form a reline loop, turning each of the outgoing edges into a 0-route for one of these fork routers.

      It feels like maybe there are further assumptions about the network being made, but these are left unstated here.

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        oh man. maybe im too stupid to know what details to write lol

        bro i rember spending hours thinkin about it til i was confident it would work..

        like think about it: if a router can access its previous one through its reline, then it can access its previous previous one cuz its previous has a reline to its previous previous one. and if you can access the previous previous one that means you can access one of the routes of the previous previous one, and so on. so u can literally go anywhere

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          Wait, the reline loops after 3 routes, doesn’t it? So you’ll just be going in circles.

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            not necessarily. you can choose the other route of the router you’re pointing to with your reline. and you can also choose not to go through your reline. just look at the diagram: not everything is a loop