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This is Read-Eval-Print-λove v003, by @fogus


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    I had high hopes for FACTOR but it seems to have kind of gone dormant of late.

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      They haven’t made a stable release in a while, but it looks like Factor is still quite active. Their Github repo is buzzing with activity.

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        I really liked Factor – it was the first open-source project I got involved in. I believe Slava is working on the Swift compiler team now though.

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        Compiling and parsing words implemented as primitives, no memory and no rstack? I’m sorry but that ain’t no Forth to me, that’s a glorified RPN calculator.

        Here is a toy Forth system I’ve written. (Maybe I should start writing blog posts about my toy projects?)

        If you wish to learn the Forth way of thinking, I can recommend And so Forth… by Hans Bezemer (HTML, PDF). I should probably post it.