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      Sometimes I think people designing things need to take a step back. One can see the chain of reasoning that results in --directory=/ --volatile=yes actually meaning only /usr being mounted, but on the face of it that’s pretty confusing.

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        Totally agree. I much prefer just running a rootless container with my container I build semi regularly from puppet.

        It ends up being the same as my host, but I can actually change what’s installed without polluting my host distro. I can also choose different distros.

        I can see this getting better over time, but this feels like uncanny valley.

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        Agreed. I also think they need a higher level command or option which encapsulates all of these options. Having an explosion of CLI options like that means it’s too low level and confusing for the user IMO.

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      This is pretty great. I’ve been playing around with toolbox a bit but this is a other approach that looks exciting.