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Vim and Shell tips/snippets to enhance the experience


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    I haven’t yet seen a reason for me to use iTerm. I used it in the past, and disliked it because it didn’t feel at home on OS X. Kind of like Firefox vs Safari. All of the reasons mentioned to me feel like they’re solved by other tools or not necessary for me.

    Split panes


    Mouseless copy

    vim mode? I don’t find a need for the example iTerm has on their site (search + paste found thing. I use !$ !* for that a lot)

    Paste history

    I use Alfred.app for this and it works system wide, but I could see it as useful for those that don’t use that.

    Full screen

    Terminal.app does this


    I don’t need middle click paste. I’d be curious about the keyboard shortcuts I’m missing though…

    Expose tabs

    Don’t find this useful, but I suppose it is for people that keep a bunch of tabs open. I usually have a few different things opened in tmux and label well

    Tagged profiles

    Not useful for me, but a feature that some need I suppose.