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Say hello to pkgsrc.se again!

pkgsrc.se was originally developed by Fredrik and Viktor from netbsd.se. At 2023-01-30 and after 20 years providing pkgsrc.se and other service they decided it was time to say goodbye.

Read more details at netbsd.se.

Because it’s such an awesome service it was not possible for the NetBSD and pkgsrc community to live without it. So the service will continue from pkgsrc.pub.

Again I would like to thank Fredrik and Viktor for all their work providing pkgsrc.se as a real community service over the last 20 years. It’s still a great honour to continue the service in the same name.

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      Great news! Assuming you are the Thomas Merkel mentioned in their last update, thanks a lot for stepping up and taking over pkgsrc.se. Please let me know if you accept donations, would be happy to donate to keep it running.

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      Awesome news.