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    I’m willing to say this is the experience a lot of people get when first learning Rust. It forced me to reevaluate my way of logic when writing my first few programs with it. I had to fight the borrow checker and the type system quite a bit before I could grok the compiler messages.

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      Yup! It seems very common. A month or two in, though, it kind of just clicks and you don’t fight with it very often.

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        It can be hard at first because it emphasizes structure, even more with IO. Once you are working with your data structures, it gets easier.

        I am still slow when starting a new project, but once the plumbing is done, modifying anything is easy, since the compiler has my back.

        I find a ressemblance to Haskell development, where any IO is soon abstracted away, to work only with deterministic functions.

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      I have high hopes for ponylang (http://ponylang.org/). It will doubtless have its own issues, but it seems likely to avoid some of the more excruciating rust design decisions that spur posts like this.