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Git man page generator. In case you need a refresher on some of the more obscure commands like git-support-upstream and git-smell-tag.


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    What’s disappointing is that the pages aren’t fixed. If the command name were used as a seed, that’d be double a plus awesome.

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      Changes needed to make this site perfect: 1. move it to something like www.git-man-pages.com, 2. make the pages fixed, and 3. remove the disclaimer at the top.

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      I understand that git has somewhat peculiar interface, but this is taking the bashing too far. With whole github as a testament to the fact that git is not hard, can we stop perpetrating this rather poor running joke and instead concentrate on something fun, please?

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        I agree that jokes are seldom productive; witness how the git maintainers have ignored the issues this one highlights. And yes, it’s mean, but it’s not addressed at anyone personally, and its complaints are valid.

        I don’t see what its popularity has to do with any of the common criticisms against it. It’s popular despite these things (and largely because github is a substantially nicer experience than the CLI is). That doesn’t mean they don’t continue to cause people significant stress and occasional data loss.

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          I find it fun. :) But then I’m a fan of the genre of generative satire. This one does to git what other people have done to postmodernism or patent applications. Usually the result has a grain of truth along with a good helping of unfairness.