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      Recently also discussed here:

      Relevant bit (emphasis mine):

      A site should be able to declare that it does not want to be included in the user’s list of sites for cohort calculation. This can be accomplished via a new interest-cohort permissions policy. This policy will be default allow. Any frame that is not allowed interest-cohort permission will have a default value returned when they call document.interestCohort(). If the main frame does not have interest-cohort permission then the page visit will not be included in interest cohort calculation.

      If your website does not include JS that calls document.interestCohort(), it will not leverage Google’s FLoC. Explicitly opting out will not change this.

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        except maybe not? https://github.com/WICG/floc#sites-which-interest-cohorts-will-be-calculated-on

        See also Twitter thread: I don’t know how to link to the right item and have the right replies “expanded”: https://twitter.com/aral/status/1384437605673152513

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          Huh… right I see it here, I didn’t notice this earlier:

          All sites with publicly routable IP addresses that the user visits when not in incognito mode will be included in the POC cohort calculation.

          I’ll come back to this when I have a min, but just wanted to share the explicit blurb so others could see.

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            I sort of feel like this is on the user? If the user doesn’t want all their browsing data to be leaked to Google and used for targeted ads, they should just not use Chrome, right?

            I mean, I get that it’s more complicated than that. But I feel like the right approach is to try to inform users, rather than try to protect users from their own browser.

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          FLoC is currently in an origin trial. The intent is to only track sites that opt-in. However, that would currently be too small a subset for useful data, so they’re currently treating any site that uses ads as having opted-in to FLoC solely for the origin trial.

          Source: https://twitter.com/Log3overLog2/status/1384337641253089280

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      I’m sure this is a nice resource, but FLoC is opt-in, so you really don’t need to add any headers at all.