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    I’ve never really gotten into emacs deep enough to find out, but is this the sort of thing that org-mode provides in emacs-world?

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      That would be my guess, although I tend to just use Org mode formatted gists (created/updated via Emacs’s gist integration) to get private gists that render nicely. Org mode also has a concept of “projects” and can export them to HTML, if you want to have static HTML of your project, but I’ve never used that.

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      I’ve been using this plugin for a while. It’s super convenient, since I always have a vim session open somewhere and I can pop open the wiki with <leader>ww. Rather than having a bunch of notes/bookmarks/todo lists scattered about my computer, I can have it in one place (and the links make it really easy to reference other wiki pages).

      Plus plain text is so much easier to parse/manage with standard unix utils, that I far prefer to other note taking apps like evernote.