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    prgmr.com has the openbsd installer officially available, as well as the netbsd installer and freebsd (both as an image and the installer.)

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      For those of us in Europe there is also https://openbsd.amsterdam/ (I mention them because one obvious reason to prefer DO is that they have locations outside California).

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      I wonder if this instructions would work for NetBSD as well, just replacing the installer…

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        Sure it’s easy. I wrote about FreeBSD on Linode a couple of years ago and published a script that installs FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD based on prebuilt images.

        The most obscure OS I got working was SmartOS. The most obscure OS I heard someone got working was Windows 1.3.

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          I’ve got some OmniOS droplets running from a hollowed out FreeBSD droplet, too. Once you get the image/snapshot made with appropriate scripts to read the metadata it’s pretty easy to stamp out more.