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      This would be very hard to butt dial!

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      Wow! Unfortunately it looks like the kicad files, STLs, etc are unavailable (this 404’s for me): http://justine-haupt.com/designfiles

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      Page is now down with the announcement: “This site is currently unavailable. If you are the account holder, please contact customer service. Our customer service center is available 24x7 via phone, chat, or email …”

      Is Lobsters now capable of slashdotting a site?

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        It’s on the orange site too

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          Does that mean HN or reddit?

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            Hacker News

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      This is why I like lobste.rs more than other tech news sites. Great work!

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        more than other tech news sites.

        🤔 - the submitter wasn’t the author, and the same post was seen on every other link aggregator of tech related posts… Help me understand why this is the example that sets Lobsters apart?

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          I guess because you get to see the good stuff, without the most of the chaff on the other aggregators.

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          I didn’t realize that the submitter was not the author- whoops! I still appreciate that the submitter found it, and I appreciate that the author took the time to share a very fun looking project with the rest of the world.

          Here’s my short love letter to Lobste.rs:

          Using technology for its own sake or for self expression or to scratch one’s own itch rather than for more “serious” purposes is one of the key distinctions to a lot of the articles on Lobste.rs. It’s nice to see people using software for fun. I feel that a lot of the “fun” content out there is overshadowed by some of the more serious stuff such as tech business happenings, the politics / tech intersection, industry news, career trends, etc.. Anecdotally, I’ve seen more hobby content in decades past, such as BYTE magazine, 2600 and similar publications but the trend appears to have died down by the mid 2000s. On Lobste.rs though, it seems that such content is alive and well as the upvote count makes evident.