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    I’ve been striving to improve my ability to work with colour a lot lately. The linked Refactoring UI article has some really useful practical tips: https://refactoringui.com/previews/building-your-color-palette/

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      The Refactoring UI link in the end of the article sums up the point nicely, while giving a different suggestion for how to generate color palettes for application design:

      It’s not uncommon to need as many as ten different colors with 5-10 shades each for a complex UI.

      He starts with grays, then identifies meaningful colors that should also be part of the palette (colors like red/green/blue that have semantic meaning associated).

      And while he spends the first part of the article railing against color scheme generators, it doesn’t seem like a terribly difficult challenge to build a color scheme generator based on the principles he presents: Pick a brand color, a tint of gray, and a few other hues and it generates a bunch of nicely aligned shades across the lightness spectrum.