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Linked story also contains a link to a paper by Bruce Schneier and others on this very subject.


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    This degree of blindness and hypocrisy infuriates me so much that I actually wrote an article on this topic yesterday. I’d love to know your opinion: http://cfenollosa.com/blog/think-of-the-terrorists-is-the-new-think-of-the-children.html

    It is not my intention to spam; if self-links are not appropriate I can write a summary here – though the text is not that long anyway

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      I liked the title. Content was spot on. I think people should also be explaining that encryption is important even for the most basic of human transactions, like e-commerce, service registration, and anything else that might involve identity.

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        An interesting blog post - I don’t think it’s particularly relevant to Lobste.rs.

        But I like finding articles like this as a result of a comment on an article.