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    Introducing Dank Neon, a new open source code theme design release dev.to

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    Suggest release tag, since it’s the bringing out of a new project, and the design theme, because it’s about styling the UI for a code editor.

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      Why so many different repos? I’d think this would be easier to manage as a single repo derived from a single source of truth with your colors.

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        Makes deployment to the various extension marketplaces much easier. We started with a single repo, but as we started getting more editors, it started getting unwieldy.

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        I’ve been using Monokai Night theme for VS Code and been in love with it from the first look. So much that I ported the look to all other code apps I use.

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          I do like Monokai :D It’s a good, classic theme. The “Night” part makes it really pop too!

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            I used to use Monokai all the time, but I’d gone back to just using the default dark themes for VS and VSCode. I think I might give this a run, though.

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              Same here. it’s pretty nice tho. going to port it to Intellij as well