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The impression that I get is that lobsters story submissions and comments have died off recently, which is a bummer, because I recently set my Hacker News noprocrast to kick me off for three days after I’ve looked at it for around two minutes.

What I love about lobsters is that the signal to noise ratio is so high. What I feel like is lacking in lobsters right now is quantity of signal, not quality. I had to use my two minutes of hacker news a few days ago to learn about Impala and Druid, which I feel like, despite lobsters' heavy js and rails focus, is neat enough that it should have merited a story here. I think that the tendency is not to repost from HN, because there is an assumption that everything on HN, everyone will have already seen. To the contrary, what makes lobsters useful for me is that it means that I don’t need to sit on HN all day. I can just check lobsters once or twice a day and get all the news that’s fit to post.

tl;dr: 1. Lobsters has a problem where we care too much about quality. I think it is ok to sacrifice quality a little bit for quantity. 2. Please repost the good stuff from HN. I will appreciate/upvote it, because I, and I suspect other users, won’t know you reposted it from HN.

Do you agree with me? Are my concerns overblown? Is my assumption that I should be able to use lobsters entirely instead of HN false? Is lobsters' purpose more to complement HN, rather than to rival?

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      I think this is something that is relatively easy to bootstrap actually. It just depends upon us actually writing down the things we think about articles we read here. I have opinions about nearly every article I read here, I just don’t share them usually. I’m going to try to get better at that.

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        I think the majority of my comments on HN were replies to others rather than top-level comments. I rarely have much to say about the articles being posted but I like talking to other users even if it’s only somewhat on-topic.

        tptacek said he won’t come here because there aren’t enough stupid people to reply to (yet). I told him I might start making sockpuppet accounts to post inflammatory comments just to get discussion going.

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            Interesting observation. Hn does have a high degree of regurgitated philosophy. Not that the ponts expressed are wrong (tho that can be the case) but that there"s little new insight on the well-trod canon. Yes, we know, fail fast, ideas are worthless, validate your ideas before writing a line of code.

            But the real meat is in the details, and in the personal accounts of where those ideas don’t quite pan out. That’s less common.

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      I see many HN posts show up here a day or so later. Difference is, there are comments over on HN. As it stands I’m finding lobste.rs to be something of a subset of HN, with far less discussion.

      If you view these sites as headline feeds then the filtering option makes lobste.rs a bit better, but if you value the discussions then lobste.rs needs to find a way to promote that.

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        I don’t use lobste.rs much anymore (mostly due to the shift in topics), but what I did like about it is was the articles were generally higher quality than on HN, and the discussion was very much not about startups. The comments were also better in that they were generally higher quality and on topic instead of “your idea is stupid and so are you”. (There’s no shit_lobsters_says twitter account, for example.) I had more productive comment discussions here than on HN.

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          (mostly due to the shift in topics),

          Can you expand on this? What shift have you seen, exactly?

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            It’s no big deal really, just mostly seems to be ruby and web development stuff (fwiw, last time I checked I was the only one filtering javascript stories). Consequently, I’ve reduced the number of times I randomly browsed here.

            Of course, I usually see new stories via the twitter feed; that’s typically what gets me to come back.

            EDIT: I guess what I’d be more interested in is a new site in the same vein as suckless or cat-v.

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              Seems fine. Probably partly my fault ;)

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                Like I said, no slight or anything intended. It’s just that I’m not interested in either language ;) It’s not necessarily a matter of SNR as it is of the ratio of stories i’m interested in to stories posted.

                That said, there are still interesting stories (using my definition of interesting, of course) being submitted. Of note, the Sol VM, cucu compiler (I believe you submitted that one), and the Go pastry DHT library were definitely interesting reads. I don’t really read HN anymore, and I’ve never been a huge fan of reddit, so this is where I get a lot of those stories from.

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                  Absolutely. None taken at all. I’m just a product of my environment. ;)

                  I’d love to see a broader submission base as well; it’s part of why I campaigned for the ‘philosophy’ tag, though I haven’t been submitting as many stories as I’d like there.

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        I agree with you. I’d rather read those things here than at HN because here I can filter out the topics I’m not interested in.

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          I’ve noticed this too.

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            I’d also like to see more discussion. I’m guilty of not participating enough, and will try to remedy that with a rule of thumb: if I’m up-voting, at least explain why (same with a down-vote).

            Incidentally, I didn’t realize that meta was filtered out by default. I just unfiltered it because I want to see discussions about this site; I think it can become the next place for good discussion on technical topics. I’m quite weary of HN these days.

            Last thought — it would be fun to get an IRC channel going. #lobsters, anyone?