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      I got a good laugh out of this, thanks. Did not expect the plot twist. 11/10

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        Glad you enjoyed!

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      On one hand, the later implementation of the prank is somewhat clever, the pranking back part amusing. On the other hand, repeatedly annoying someone who’s in no position to figure out the prank is about as funny as locking the wheels of a wheelchair. Maybe less harm done, but still a despicable thing to do.

      Once or twice, between roommates - fine. Doing so for a long period of time, and even being proud of being an ass - well, that’s not even remotely funny.

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        I dunno, he’s a pretty smart fellow. Almost graduated with CS+EE degrees but decided last minute to just do EE. He uses Linux as his daily driver. Your comment does not do him justice.

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          My dad uses Linux as his daily driver, has been for the past 10 years, he teaches CS at a respected university, and is a very smart man. Yet, when it comes to debugging his system, he has no clue. He knows all about the tools he has to teach, the programs he uses daily, but anything other than that is a black box.

          Not being in a position to figure out the prank is not a derogative thing. Just because one is adept at using computers, and can compile a kernel, install drivers, doesn’t mean he’s good at looking for hacks. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t make them less smart.

          Pranking someone like that, who never suspects a hack, for a long period of time, is not funny. It is you being an ass.

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            Just told him about it. He was exceedingly amused.

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      We graduated and all parted ways.

      I miss my college friends.