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A little timestamping/stopwatch tool I built last week. Initially, I just wanted a way to “profile” docker builds in a CI pipeline (the example at the end of the README), but ended up building this more generic tool.

I’m aware of other implementations of this idea, including very fancy ones - but I did not find one I liked enough to forego the joy of recreational yak shaving.

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    I personally really like the approach by djb.

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      Neat! I love single purpose shell utilities composes with other commands (“do one thing well”). I like that this also plays nicely with jq, which is one of my favorite tools.

      For me, small, standalone binaries like this are where golang shines brightest. I created a cmdline tool called ganda (https://github.com/tednaleid/ganda) that can take thousands of piped urls and it’ll download them all in parallel and pipe the results on stdout to something like jq (or save to a file). I think the json output of tj might fit well with this, I’ll give it a shot.

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        I love this!

        I especially love how this makes JSON-based pipelines so easy to use and manipulate. Lately I’ve been using jq for most command-line data-munging, and things like this as well as FreeBSD’s support for --libxo=json across system utilities is just delightful.