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    This is my favorite blogpost of all time. It’s someone thoroughly exploring and playing with the idea of the Sierpinski Triangle and having an absolute ball. I don’t understand every part of the post, but to me this is the perfect embodiment of the fun of “doing math” and really exploring a space.

    • They play the Sierpinski Triangle on a piano
    • They build it with cellular automata
    • They plot it on a 3D model of a Cow
    • They explore Chaos with it
    • They explore it in higher dimensions
    • They smear different terms across space during construction
    • They view it as a Markov Chain
    • They view it as an L-System
    • They view it as a graph

    Just SO MUCH Sierpinski Triangle! I saw that u/pushcx posted this a few years ago and no one commented…but I really wanted to post it again because when I think of what types of blogs I want to read this always pops into my head. True exploration.

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      This book links it with the Towers of Hanoi game.

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      Startlingly glorious and occasionally incredibly silly.

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        This post is overwhelming and cannot be digested in a single sitting, but I will be back repeatedly to take another bite.

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