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      I just wrote a guide to installing Ruby on macOS with Frum, the newest Ruby version manager. It’s a great alternative to rbenv, RVM, chruby, or asdf! From the article:

      Frum is written in Rust. It is new (released in early 2021). Unlike asdf, chruby, or rbenv, it includes a built-in Ruby installer command so there’s no extra program needed to install Ruby. The installer is fast and Frum requires no dependencies (it’s an all-in-one Rust executable you can install with Homebrew). The Frum version manager is added to your shell to intercept any calls to Ruby. After you install Frum, you must modify your ~/.zshrc file so Frum runs in your local shell environment. Like the other version managers, it checks for a .ruby-version file in a project directory and, if there’s no version specified for a project, it will default to a global Ruby version. There are no shims (unlike Asdf or Rbenv) and it doesn’t override the cd command (unlike RVM).

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        Link goes to Homebrew instructions, Frum instructions are here

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      “Frum” from Yiddish or something else?

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        Frum’s README has a link at the bottom to fnm, whose name stands for Fast Node Manager. Thus, I would assume the name Frum was made by changing “n” for Node into “ru” for Ruby.

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          So, “fnm” is Yiddish, got it. :)