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    Excited about this – Webmention along with the also in progress Micropub standard and the renamed Pubsubhubbub standard WebSub enables the creation of full featured self-hosted social media profiles in the style of Twitter and beyond.

    One can also create social media apps like Tweetbot for these social media profiles that can both read stuff in realtime (WebSub), post new posts and interactions (Micropub) and let other users know of ones interactions with them (Webmention).

    Lastly they can be integrated into the existing social media platforms and thus be usable from day one by what the IndieWeb movement calls POSSE (and PESOS) and by combining that with services like Brid.gy. That way dodging Metcalfe’s law and getting the full network effect of existing networks from day one while still being able to craft ones own space online with technologies that works fully standalone.

    Also excited about the already fairly large amount of independent implementations of all of these technologies – the specifications are truly proven to be possible to reimplement again and again and not to rely on any unspecified specific implementation detail of any one dominating library for interoperability.

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      It’s nice to see all the informal R&D done by the IndieWeb folks coming together into specs. Having never messed with a Pub/Sub system before, I’m planning on implementing the WebSub spec as a Django app for some semi-dayjob-related learning.