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Feel free to post your current setup/battlestation/screenshots! I really enjoy these every year, and while deskto.ps is now a great place for screenshots, this really encapsulates everyone’s larger battlestations :)

Previous threads can be found at:

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      I run cwm(1) on OpenBSD, on my trusty HP Envy 13. This is my desk setup — the keyboard is a Ducky One 2 SF, with some noname blank keycaps I bought off Banggood. And here’s a screenshot of my desktop. Yes, I arranged those windows by hand; no, I don’t actually use it like that.

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        Nice! What’s that info program? I’m still using neofetch but I’ve seen that simpler blow fish a few times now and I’m curious.

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          It’s just a quick and dirty script that I wrote a while back. Here’s the source.

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            Very cool. Thanks!

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      I normally don’t go in for these, but I’ve spent the last 6 months getting my personal space in the house set up for the first time since my kids were born, and I’m really really happy with it:


      • business in the front: new 4k monitor, new usbc dock (86W PD!), trusty old Fully standing desk. The ring light is a new addition and helps a lot on afternoon calls down here in the basement.

      • party in the back: last week got my TheC64 and have been super into it, the kids are digging it, and I’ve hand assembled 6502 for the first time in 10 years; it’s great, I highly recommend it.

      • the unix magic poster I saw posted on Reddit, found a high-res scan on the internet and then printed at walmart.com

      • the LEGO ISS is the first kit I’ve built without my kids in a long time, and I bought an LED kit for it; great fun.

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        I saw this post this morning, and one thing let to another and… well, I have people coming over tomorrow to paint and change the flooring in my office! 😅

        I’ve been wanting to do it for quite a while but this post gave the push!


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          good luck!

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        Random: That red high chair brings back some memories from when my 11yo was .. smaller. :)

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          yeah my smallest is out of it at the table already, but both need it for the craft table in my office; I like how tall it is, but need more space otherwise.

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      My desk instead of a screenshot (sorry for the low quality, still figuring out how my new DSLR works)


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        Great shot of the doggo, who is definitely going for that toast when there’s an opportunity!

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      Or if I need to accelerate to attack velocity:


      Keyboard is a Kyria: https://ianthehenry.com/posts/kyria-build/a-wireless-ergonomic-keyboard/

      iPhone is an iPhone (running Shelly).

      Desk is a piece of galvanized steel bent around a 1/4” piece of cork sheeting, covered with a piece of tooling leather. Magnetic tripod mounts support the phone and (sometimes) the keyboard halves. Pretty lightweight, portable setup, so I can work outside on nice days. Not quite as stiff as I’d like and I’ll probably keep iterating.

      I don’t actually code like this, but it’s great for writing prose.

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        I’m bookmarking people with ‘ergonomic mobile computing’ setups (bonus if they can work outdoors), neat to see yours.

        Here’s mine: https://twitter.com/vivekgani/status/1475213967303790595

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          Neat! I also use an iPad with a larger lap desk and a big clamp mount that lets me position it right at eye level, which is a pretty great setup for coding – but it’s too bulky and heavy to carry around very comfortably so I never use it outside.

          I’ve experimented with an M5Paper for better sunlight support… but the latency is pretty bad. Now that I have a Bluetooth keyboard I should take another stab at the Remarkable 2…

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          Would you share you bookmarks? That’s a topic I’ve been interested in for a while. Just got an external USB Keyboard working with my Remarkable 2 and could use some inspiration before the outdoor season starts here in central Europe :)

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            How did you get a USB keyboard working with the Remarkable 2? I have an external battery pack and a USB data/charging splitter and it’s a pretty clunky setup.

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              I got the same, a splitting “y”-cable and an USB OTG adapter. Using my phone instead of a powerbank as a power source (and access point)

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            So far it’s just the parent poster and the person I replied to in my Twitter link 🙃. Someday hoping to write a blog post about it.

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            update: I’ve put all my ‘ergonomic mobile computing’ bookmarks into a subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ErgoMobileComputers/

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          Would you mind going over the parts you use?

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            Sure it is:

            • Tablet: an HP elite X2 g4, with the hiDPI screen option. There’s more options now like the surface pro 8 (full Linux support isn’t quite there) and Asus ROG z13. A 2-in-1 laptop would also suffice.

            • Stand: Tiny Tower Stand - a small Kickstarter company made these and they went out of stock last year but supposedly they might be making a newer version.

            • Keyboard: Nuphy Nutype F1. Wasn’t expecting to fall into the mechanical keyboard trend but this had the size footprint I was looking for.

            • Trackpad: Apple Magic Trackpad 2 - Just painted black because I cracked the glass. Eventually want to make a housing for the keyboard + trackpad if there isn’t an off-the-shelf approach to a USB+Bluetooth keyboard & Trackpad (I’ve researched brydge, Lenovo, and all sorts of other vendors, just not there yet)

            Overall the combination of a stand and HiDPI screen close to me means I no longer need to wear glasses when using the computer.

            On the software end, I’ve been pretty deep in using macos but things are slowly getting there on Linux between linuxtouchpad.org efforts and gnome going through some changes. Definitely some chaos tolerance but been getting used to it.

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      This is where the sausage gets made!

      The monitor on the right I’ve had for 13 years, and it’s still kickin! Multiple LAN parties and moves later, and it has just 1 column of dead pixels to show for it. The keyboard is an Apple A1048 – the last non-scissor-switch keyboard they made. I love em and they seem to last forever as long as you don’t spill water on them. I only ended up buying a razer mouse (abyssus v2) cuz it was all they had at Target and I needed it same-day. But the thing has actually grown on me a lot, it has a nice weight to it, the adjustable DPI always works fine, and it seems to be durable.


      That’s actually an abnormally low amount of files on my desktop :)


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        gotta love that sanic mug

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      Usual stuff since long time:

      a decade old ThinkPad W520 filled with following software:

      • FreeBSD
      • ZFS with ZFS Boot Environments
      • openbox
      • tint2
      • dzen2
      • xterm
      • caja
      • mpv
      • firefox
      • geany
      • plank
      • deadbeef
      • xlockmore
      • automount
      • beadm
      • network.sh
      • feh (for desktop background)
      • xmodmap + xbindkeys (for mouse/keyboard shortcuts)
      • redshift (blue light spectrum suppress)

      Details of the setup here:


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        Desktop background looks very disco elysium-y, what’s the source?

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          Its this one:

          … but I am not able to track it down (with TinEye for example) to the original source.

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          That’s an excellent game. Play it if you have not. It’s a choose your own adventure story game about a detective solving crimes with just a dash of DnD skill checks.

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        looks awesome!

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      Here’s are some pics (1 of my monitors, and 1 is a screenshot):

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      My Linux desktop is horribly boring (it’s stock Gnome 41 on Fedora with a different wallpaper, yawn) and I’m not even booted into it, but slightly more interesting:

      • Developing a Windows application, since I have a Windows-Linux dualboot now
      • My MacBook’s desktop (with some stuff hidden for privacy reasons, plus I’m not showing you the work workspace - but that’s almost the same, except I have Calendar.app there and Slack instead of Telegram, and the windows are shuffled around)
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        I don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s still April 2020. I’ll be back in the office in no time!

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      Pic in tweet: https://twitter.com/bitemyapp/status/1479945582764560384

      Work machine:

      Ubuntu LTS, Dell Precision 5560 i7-11850H 32gb RAM hooked up to a Razer Core X Chroma with a GTX 1070 in it

      Keyboard: Topre Typeheaven Mouse: Razer Deathadder V2 Monitors: two Dell P2415Q 4k/60 eGPU enclosure: Razer Core X Chroma The Chroma part is important, it has two TB3 chips for driving the GPU and ethernet/USB separately to avoid cut-outs that GPU enclosures are known for.

      The eGPU actually solved a lot of problems for me. This laptop came with just the Intel iGPU and a single 4k external display, nothing else running, was putting the GPU usage at 70-80%. Dual monitors, even 1440p, was over-saturating the GPU and pegging it at 100%. I was getting hard-freezes that would clear up after 30-300 seconds from running builds during Zoom meetings and the like. Zoom calls and screen-sharing were very difficult too.

      With the GTX 1070 hooked up via the TB3 eGPU (the laptop actually has TB4), the GPU usage with 2 external 4k displays and nothing else going on is 5%. In a Zoom call, 10%. Screensharing one of the 4k displays, 50%. 50% isn’t ideal but the important part is it isn’t eating up my RAM or CPU or making the system unstable. Chrome was contributing significantly to GPU load in some cases too.

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      What I like about this thread is the many light themes rather than dark.

      Looking around the web you’d think those of us that want/need light themes are unfashionable or misguided or just the minority. Maybe we’re just less vocal.

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        Dark text on light background works better for people with astigmatism, and astigmatism is quite common.

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      this is the machine i do my dayjob on :D

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      My new battlestation: a maxxed out Dell Precision 3650 and my trusty Vortex Vibe keyboard https://cdn.masto.host/fedi9tilde/media_attachments/files/107/428/915/557/590/187/original/9d53a1db069eccbf.jpeg

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        That’s a nice wallpaper, do you have a link to it?

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        I would love to have balcony with that much light in my home office :D How do you like “crafting interpreters”?

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      Screenshots would be pretty boring, it’s just stock Windows 10 with auto-hiding taskbar and no desktop icons on the desktop, XMonad with a very basic config on one laptop and stock Gnome on the other (we don’t talk about the third laptop), so here’s my battlestation. We have:

      • Two LG monitors, the big one’s new and it’s 1440p and 144hz. Behind them there’s a two-arm monitor stand. The LG monitor on the side is not VESA compatible so I had to get a bit creative to mount it like that.
      • Three mice: the big trackball is a Kensington Expert and it’s for normal use on the desktop, the most normal one is a Razer Deathadder is for videogames and the small trackball is a Logitech Ergo M575, which I normally use at work with the laptop.
      • A 90x40cm mousepad, very nice and comfy.
      • On the ground, a cheap foot pedal with three buttons that I mostly use for push-to-talk and to take screenshots. I’ve tried using it more actively but it’s a bit awkward.
      • A mic arm with a very hacky hook for hanging the headphones (just out of the picture).
      • A Raspberry Pi with a passive cooling case under the desktop tower.

      I’m planning on moving and getting a new desk, so hopefully there will be some big changes next year. Bonus points for recognizing all the characters :)

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        How is Kensington compared to Logi Ergo? I am thinking about changing mine.

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          I used to use the Kensington and switched to the logitech ergo, tempted to switch back b/c the ergo causes my thumb to ache whereas the kensington did not.

          I wish they would make the new kensingtons with the bearings / wheels from the older models (Kensington Turbo Mouse Pro) where you could spin the ball like you were playing goldentee on your desk.

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          It’s kind of unwieldy, honestly. I thought the big orb was gonna be nicer than the Ergo but it’s the other way around, if I had to choose only one of them I’d go with the Ergo.

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            Have to second you on that one. I have the Kensington and the M570 and would take the M570 if I had to choose. However, I also purchased a Ploopy Classic last year and it is wonderful. It really knocks both of the others out of the fight for stationary use. It’s the rollers (vs. the bearings on the other two) that really make a huge difference for me.

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        How wide is that folding table? 48”?

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      Throwing mine on the pile: https://imgur.com/a/as7fPJe

      Built a desk into my shop when we all started WFH. No screen shot because there’s not much to see: swaywm on Fedora with Alacritty+tmux+NeoVim fullscreen on workspace 1 and Vivaldi fullscreen on workspace 2. Workspace 3 is for Zoom. All of it’s been themed with Dracula.

      Hardware is a maxed out System76 Meerkat, Dygma Raise keyboard, old (2010) Logitec MX mouse, and LG 27UD68-P monitor. Hanging on the all behind the monitor is an Intel NUC w/ RTX 2060 for gaming. The display stuck on the ceiling is for the WS-2902C weather station mounted outside the shop.

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        Coworkers: “Where are you located”

        sprsquish: Pulls out Banjo

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        It’s impressive how much those air filters pull out of the air when they’re strapped onto a box fan like that. I tried it a few years ago out of curiosity and was appalled by how quickly the filter had to be changed. Been using them pretty much continuously ever since.

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          Absolutely. I was originally looking for a way to get dust collection that wasn’t going to cost a small fortune. The wood working community is a clever and thrifty bunch. These things cost a tenth what a “real” solution would have.

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      My desktop hasn’t changed much since at least 2018. It’s pretty basic StumpWM, with Emacs, a terminal, Spotify, Chromium, and whatever else may be open. In this case it’s a hexagonal cellular automata because an empty black screen makes for a boring screenshot.

      The primary monitor is a 4k BenQ. The smaller monitor is a 1080p Dell salvaged from an e-recycling bin years ago. It sits under my desk most of the time because I don’t need the extra space, but sometimes I put things over there while coding.

      The physical desktop is more interesting, but the clutter is honestly a little embarrassing right now so there’ll be no picture. Highlights are a Vari standing desk, a 3DConnexion “SpaceMouse”, a Kinesis Advantage keyboard with a wired 3DConnexion mouse on the desk, and a small bluetooth Apple keyboard with a wireless 3DConnextion mouse for the couch across the room. My apartment is small, so the big monitor doubles as my TV, and the wireless keyboard/mouse allow me to control it from across the room.

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      I run MacOS, with no window manager as the primary driver but I have a OpenBSD Server by my bed that I ssh into when I am not making apps or doing school work. Love having my desk mounted on the wall, able to turn it into a standing desk for less than $20 bucks. Small keyboard that comes with the iMac. Mouse that comes with iMac. Remarkable tablet under the mouse to jot down notes. Keyboard for fun when I do not want to program. https://quindarius.com/images/battlestation.jpg

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      desktop screenshot

      On the M1 Air writing some SQL and fixing static file paths just now for a little weekend project. This machine is just about fully Nord everywhere with a hint of Ayu. It’s nice to take a break from the big iron at the desk.

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      here’s my setup. I built the desktop myself (specs here) and dual boot linux and windows (for games and remoting in to my $dayjob VM). I built the desk over xmas break 4 or 5 years ago with my dad. Fun project for sure!

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      Here’s my “Instagram” like post (don’t judge lol)

      I am a VR developer in my free time and C++ HFT engineer full time.

      I dual boot my main PC with the following specs:

      • Arch & Windows
      • 5950X
      • 2080 Ti

      I eventually want to get one of them 40’+ mini-led TVs as my main monitor :)

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      My desktop. macOS Monterey, yabai (tiling window manager). Main screen typically looks like this.

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      Here is the setup: https://hya.sk/blog/posts/my-2021-home-workstation/
      It’s not that much out of date, the main changes as of now being a new 32” 1440p main monitor, and a Nyquist keyboard in between the two BFO parts to replace the old kb visible on the left.
      Of course, some tweaks too on the software config side, but nothing really visible…

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      My battlestation shot for 2022 is here, my main machine is still a Toshiba R830-13C running OpenBSD - same machine as 2017, using a homemade Ergodox keyboard, and Logitech trackball mouse. The desktop can seen on deskto.ps, and it runs awesome window manager. I really ought to tidy my desk ;~)

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