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I couldn’t find any complete example of how to build, deploy and host a hugo site on srht.site, so I wrote it myself.


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    What I like about services like these is that if you were to migrate from srht.site to a dedicated server (e.g. self-hosting or using a VPS), you’d just have to change the deploy line. There’s no vendor lock-in or special tooling; the only “special” tooling is acurl, which isn’t really that special since it behaves like a curl wrapper with a client secret, syntax and all.

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      There’s no vendor lock-in or special tooling

      If you’re talking about GitHub or GitLab pages: a git repo isn’t really special tooling. You’re an rsync --exclude .git away from migrating to your own server. I can’t think of examples where migration would be hard for any arbitrary HTML hosting service (except blogging platforms maybe?)

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        In this case, I was curious about using builds.sr.ht and setting up my blog this way was just an excuse to do it.

        I actually removed my previous deploy routine from my Makefile for this. It wasn’t very complicated:

                @rsync -avz --delete public/ root@monotux.tech:/srv/monotux.tech/
        deploy: build upload