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    A loading spinner? (And yeah, I waited a while.)

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      It’s video of a person talking, composited on top of some interactive circles and sliders.

      Super advanced technology. May be too advanced for your setup.

      But you don’t miss much.

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        My setup in this case is an iPhone 6, so it’s not like I’m banging tin cans together. :)

        Is this another desktop only site? Whatever happened to mobile first? I feel like every article talking about web development says it’s critical to support phones, but no live demo ever actually does.

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          Works fine for me on Android (both Firefox and Chrome).

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      That is pretty cool. Reminds me a lot of the demo Dan Ingalls gave at JSConf 2012: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTJRwKOFddc.

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        I was expecting a normal website with a list of features and stuff.

        Instead I got a video that takes up the entire page of people looking overly happy for no reason telling me vague stuff about p5.

        Also apparently I can go back to a specific time in the video or change the volume.

        So I clicked the link to p5js.org and I finally get some text but there’s some kind of graphics demo background that made it very difficult to read the text.

        So I guess I will try this out when I need to be too fancy as to destroy all useability on my website.

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          I recently discovered Processing (for those unfamiliar with it: it’s a programming language for non-technical people, originally on top of Java) through the on-device IDE for Android in the play store.

          Pretty cool how it lets you quickly write a demo on a tablet and run it as a real app on the phone. It also has some logger/debugger callback thing it injects into the APK.