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    I’m (positively) surprised by the JSON5 support! It’s the most comprehensive extension to JSON that aims at making it more usable to people, especially for configuration files and such. Adoption in SQLite is a significant endorsement, so maybe JSON5 will become more and more popular and compete with yaml. I doubt yaml will ever end up in SQLite :-).

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      I used to have to hand-write a lot of JSON for unit tests — in C++ string literals, so no fancy IDE syntax checking — and JSON5 is a lifesaver for that.

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        The JSON library that xmake uses supports at least some of these extensions and being able to specify numbers in hex is incredibly useful. We use it in CHERIoT to describe the memory layout of a target SoC and having to translate all of those numbers to decimal would be a lot of pain. Not sure if it supports comments, but that would be nice too.

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      The --utf8 command-line option omits all translation to or from MBCS on the Windows console for interactive sessions, and sets the console code page for UTF-8 I/O during such sessions. The --utf8 option is a no-op on all other platforms.

      SQLite CLI can now do UTF-8 on Windows? I’m surprised it didn’t do that before!

      Anyways, very happy to see improvements in SQLite, it is such an awesome piece of software, and incredibly widely used. While we’re talking about databases, I must also mention libsql that are bringing an open collaboration model to SQLite (which is famously closed for outside contributions).