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    Too bad that unlike the rest of the scalac forks, this one seems to be intentionally license incompatible.

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      How is the new license incompatible with the previous?

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        Paul P’s changes are distributed under the Apache 2.0 license which is compatible with 3-clause BSD license that AFAICT scalac uses.

        @soc, can you please clarify what you mean here?

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          While the Apache License 2.0 is technically compatible, mainline Scala accepts only code with a CLA (and licenses it under BSD afterwards).

          The big question is a) whether PaulP’s CLA is still active and b) – if the CLA was still active – whether code made available online counts as a contribution (I’d say no).

          Regarding the CLA, http://typesafe.com/contribute/cla/scala/check/paulp says yes, and considering chapter 8 of the CLA, EPFL needs to be made aware of any changes regarding the CLA’s status.

          Let’s wait and see if there is any movement.

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        I think the intent is for Paul to share his work with TypeLevel:

        publishing now and giving [Typelevel] an opportunity to exploit my work seems the lesser evil.