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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!


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    We are raising a chinney. Because Covid, there is just two of us so its uhh hard. Factory built chimneys are clearly made to be built in place, not put together and then lifted up. Plan is scaffold on the roof supporting it - 16 feet is free standing above the roof - and then two people lifting it onto a stand from inside. We will see how it goes.

    My little cabin channel is making $75 a month now from youtube ads, breaking out of “monthly case of beer” territory and into “dinner at the local Mexican joint”. Wondering if it is worth actually trying to monetize it.. anyone have experience/reading tips on that?

    I put a lot more effort than I normally do into the last video, and it seems to have had an effect - someone reached out for a little interview, and an architect reached out with a bunch of technical questions, both of which was really flattering.

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      Very cool

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        Very interesting stuff! Will watch videos as I get some time. But I don’t think I’m qualified anywhere to do it on my own :-(

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        I’m planning to read “Design Patterns”. I keep seeing these pattern names everywhere and I think I have an intuitive understanding of some of them, so it’d be useful to learn what they actually are and maybe to reframe them in FP terms which I understand better (e.g. the “command pattern” which is simply a thunk/closure), if only so that I can have more meaningful discussions with people who take them for granted.

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          • Reading more of 10:04 by Ben Lerner to my wife
          • Fixing bugs with my personal website redesign
          • Reading more of Andy Matuschak
          • Using my new AeroPress and probably drinking too much coffee!
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            I love my AeroPress, enjoy being very caffeinated this weekend :)

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              Thank you! I’ve been reading that there is more than one way to use it.

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                I’m a big fan of this iced aero press recipe:


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            Let’s see… fixing some long-standing bugs on a NodeJS abomination, importing a PHP website to GitHub and make its first commit in 2 years, automating a website which has a broken React UI (which involves A LOT of page refreshes), and one other thing I forget.

            Can I please pause Friday night for 24 hours? Please?

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              Sorry, no private IT fun in autumn, too much other stuff.

              I will sleep a lot, with my smartphone alarm clock in vibration mode in the sock, in order to wake up every 2h.

              My family is still canning (3rd weekend/2nd week now in a row) I got hold of two other electric canning pots, and my mum and my aunt will fill the jars, and I will cook them (and carry them in the cellar). So, cook, sleep, carry, cook, sleep, carry…

              I’m a bit exhausted, because the last few days I have been “misused” as a self propelling potato harvester and sauerkraut making machine ;) and I did maintenance and due diligence for our wood pellets fired hydronic central heating system, because after autumn there will be winter, and spare parts have delivery time.

              verd###te sch####e, I forgot to order new door sealing lips.

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                Is the waking up every 2h thing part of the canning process, like you are canning around the clock? Or is it some polyphasic sleep thing unrelated to the canning?

                What are you canning?

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                  One load in the Einkochautomat is roughly 2h. (Einkochautomat ist the pressureless jar cooker which is used in continental europe. We do not use huge pressure cookers like in the US over here, also we use (Ein)Weckgläser instead of mason jars, these have a glass lid and are sealed with a rubber ring in combination with the vacuum resulting of cooling after cooking).

                  I usually have two Einkochautomaten in operation, our own, and our aunt’s. And I operate both in 2h intervals (no brain needed ;) ).

                  My mom (73) fills all the jars and does all the preparing stuff during the day, but she can’t bend or lift heavy things any more, so I’m coming home, find a whole table full of prepared jars and during the evening and night fill the two cookers load after load. Electricity is also cheaper after 10pm

                  The garden lot is around 1000m² so, 40 jars of pears (Kochbirne, pears which are too hard to eat and tast ugly and dull, but when cooked have the most sophisticated of pear aromas), 16 jars of prunes, one shelf of tomato sauce in different varieties, 14 jars of greengages https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greengage , and after juicing which is done by my dad (75) 140 bottles of apple and 40 bottles of quince juice.

                  In the morning after breakfast, carry everything downstairs in the cellar.

                  cellars are full :)

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                • I’ve decided to complete 500 miles of run till end of December. It boils down to 31 miles per week; so on weekend I do 10 miles. My goal is to do this at 9 minutes/mile or less, something I’ve never done!
                • It’s been a while I’ve blog, have couple of subjects that I can work on. Want to get it done.
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                  Trying to fix an oscilloscope that I botched a repair on last weekend (tore a thick film flexpcb, no way to fix it so trying to fab a replacement)

                  When I either succeed or fail at that, working on a toy language I’ve been writing that targets SPIR-V

                  At some point probably driving a box truck around Seattle to help a friend move a very large computer, and possibly sourcing a 15kw 400hz generator to run it.

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                    Resting. I did a marathon of video editing for work and I’m exhausted lol.

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                      • Stop bouldering and go for actually climbing. My objective is to be ready for climbing outside by January.
                      • Continue to learn how to build web APIs with dotnet core 3.1 (soon .NET5)
                        • Does someone know a good sql query builder (in any language) that allows to build an upsert query nicely ? (a.k.a adding a “on conflict do update” clause) ?
                      • Watching some professional CSGo matches, there is a great competition right now (EPL) 🔥
                      • Fix little bugs in my HTTP 1.1 parser in Zig.
                        • Does someone know a well designed HTTP client library (in any system language) ?
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                        Building a small collaborative text document editor, basically an excuse to use CRDTs, phoenix LiveView and presence.

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                          Converting all my Bitbucket Mercurial repositories to GitHub. Bye bye Atlassian.

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                            I humbly recommend hg.sr.ht, it’s a bit minimalistic but I like that about it.

                            Whatever you choose, I sympathize on ditching Atlassian. We use it at work and occasionally I really wish we had something, anything, else.

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                              I’ve considered sourcehut but at this time I just want a single place to put all my repositories. I’ve been using GH for many years and it’s not perfect but at least I don’t think they will delete my repositories any time soon.

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                            Planning to watch a movie & have some beer with a friend. Also, planning to write an essay on how the security mindset relates to small computing.

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                                Here’s the (I think) correct link:

                                Small Computing and the Security Mindset

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                              Trying to decide whether or not to do a video/essay in reply to that “HoF are like inheritance” essay from a few days ago. I feel like I owe the author a substantive reply.

                              There’s a “Girl’s Day” at my house today, so looks like I’m spending time with my son-in-law at his house. His relaxing passtime is games, mine is movies. Not exactly sure how that’s going to work.

                              Prepping for the upcoming work week. Doing some pre-posting on my content channel. Nothing much, really.

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                                I was checking ebay and it said I had a 5 pound voucher so I looked for something to buy but them the voucher seemed to not exist. Got me disappointed so I was looking for a way to make small amounts of money from programming. I checked through bounty source but didn’t find much.

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                                  Starting a much needed weeklong vacation. My only firm plans are lunch with a friend in an hour, an overnight backpacking trip with another friend Tuesday/Wednesday, and a long bike ride into Denver tomorrow.

                                  This weekend, besides the bike ride, I’m going to spend some time playing with my Common Lisp OpenGL package. I’m also re-reading The Art of Metaobject Protocol. I’ve been using CLOS more lately, and need a refresher.

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                                    Just got instruction decoding generation for my emulator kit working, this weekend I’m going to work on instruction encoding generation.

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                                      Finished instruction encoding with ~ 7 usable hours in the weekend left; going to start on writing a pipeline stage description language + generator, needed so I can actually describe what each instruction does.

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                                      We bought a new playscape for the kids so we’ll be prepping the back yard for that.

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                                        Sleeping, exercising, probably helping friends move and unpack, playing with the CNC at HackPGH. Maybe hopefully finishing the “weekend” chat server I started two weeks ago, now that I think I have async I/O pretty well nailed down.

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                                          Watching Le Mans 24 while half repurposing, half upgrading my homelab. I’ve converted my 4th gen NUC vSphere 6.7 server to a Mint 20 linux box/media player, and upgraded the 6th gen NUC vSphere 6.7 to 7.0. Cramming in VCSA 7.0.0d as we speak, and man, what a resource hog it is. The drives in the 6th gen are a lot older than the NUC itself, and can’t have many months left, but I’m saving up for a completely fresh build.

                                          Eyeing the new Ryzen 7 4800U based Asus PN50. 8 cores/16 threads should be a real upgrade, but not sure if the Vega 7 graphics can be passed through. The RTL8168 based NIC won’t work on vSphere 7, so I have to get USB NICs, but it should still be faster than a similarly priced NUC.

                                          On a side note, I couldn’t get to my VMUG EVALExperience licenses. Looks like the multi year VMUG Advantage renewal isn’t automatically registered at onthehub.com after the first year, which I didn’t notice until I needed the software.

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                                            I created a small utility called kvcli that allows to interact with a subset of SQLite LSM extension from the command line, see https://github.com/arew-scheme/arew-scheme/commit/56cf6fee89a92231e88ec94b2dc19c2aac286c4e

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                                              Trying to backup a kubernetes volume through kubectl with borgbackup in pull mode. For now, I want my backups in my NAS that is not exposed to internet, so I have to play with socat and some unix socket…

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                                                Participating in an on-line Pirate Party Czechia wider management conference and an on-line national committee conference. Fingers crossed our Jitsi instance will be reliable enough for people not to yell at me since I chair the IT department.

                                                Also, we are now apparently looking for someone to implement moderation in Jitsi.

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                                                  I bought a NAS yesterday so gonna set that up and probably do some cleaning

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                                                    I’ll be running a half-marathon for Beat the Blerch. I’ll also be clearing out and winterizing a garden bed that is done for the year. I still have one bed full of tomato plants that are still going strong that I’ll be leaving for a few more weeks.

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                                                      Nice trail out there you got for run! Also cool T-shirt give out if you ask me :-) Will see if I can run another half over the weekend and join you virtually :-D

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                                                      Learning to type on my new Preonic keyboard.

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                                                        Editing and posting the second 6502+TMS9918A video on my Youtube channel.