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    I tried using this a number of times. It works similar to emacs magit so the UX is perfect, however staging, commit, push always has a bit of lag. So I went back to using good old tig in terminal. I’m not a fan of VS Code’s native Git UX either (but edamagit is much better than it).

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      Not sure if posting this fits the rules, but I semi accidentally stumbled upon this a while ago, and it markedly improved my life, so I figured it might be useful to share :)

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        how does it compare to Magit?

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          I am not a very heavy magit user, but, for the features I use (staging in chunks, instant fixup, reword, etc) it feels surprisingly close. Before this, I had an mg shell command which fired up Emacs+magit when I wanted to do git stuff. Now I do all that from VS Code without a context switch.

          Interactive rebase is a bit more clunky than in Emacs though. On the positive side, g is mostly not needed any more, the state updates reactively.

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            it’s like most vim emulators in other editors… it works mostly but there are a ton of annoyances that irritate