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    @aphyr Would you see value in community funded analysis of PostgreSQL?

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      Oh absolutely. I’d love to do PostgreSQL at some point!

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      thank you for your work @aphyr.

      You are like FDA, but for distributed databases :-) (and without the ‘F’ ).

      As a suggestion to ‘consumerize’ your work more, if you will. Is to publish a news letter or a blog that will continuously maintain a table listing what tests were performed, what databases participated (version/vendor), and result within each cell.

      Since your tests are standardized, having that comparative view, I think would be very useful.

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        I don’t know a good rubric for comparing results yet, but I do maintain a table of analyses here: http://jepsen.io/analyses

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          It would be great to see some of the cloud provider’s managed databases.

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            That’s gonna be tougher–I don’t have a good way to inject faults into those systems. We can test the happy case, though!