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    I was wondering what happened to pijul.

    Now I wonder what the new ideas are; I can’t seem to find an overview.

    A little bit unfortunate naming for my native language where the genitive case for foreign words is typically formed by appending an s.

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      English has genitive S too. I wouldn’t worry too much.

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        I know about English possessive Anu’s, what I mean is an actual genitive case, that would be used to say “the development of Anu,” “the advantages of Anu,” and such things, and the ending would just be s, not ’s.

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      This is “Pijul version 2”.

      Source repo: https://nest.anu.dev/anu/anu

      More details on the release, apparently there’s a blog post coming: https://discourse.pijul.org/t/is-this-project-still-active-yes-it-is/451/49

      Nest login seems to be a bit borked.

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        Pmeunier seems to be a capable programmer and committed to making this next iteration on git…

        I don’t want to go all “you should appreciate free software cause it’s free” on you guys, but complaining over the rewrite and the name change is a bit tone deaf imo.

        This has been a one man project (to the nearest approximation) since the beginning and I do not fault him for working on the codebase rather than the community.

        I see this release as a sign of his confidence in this milestone and am excited to see where it goes from here.

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          From the title, I expected a VCS for audio files. That would be cool.

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            I expected a VCS transmitted with speakers and a microphone.

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            Why is a part of the “u” letter in the logo cropped off?

            Why does it require signing up to browse the repository?

            Why does https://anu.dev/documentation/ lead to https://nest.anu.dev/anu/manual which says “Not found”?

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              Logo renders fine here https://i.imgur.com/ZnF6Z2c.png

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              One thing sorely missing from Nest in order to bootstrap is the ability to download a tarball/zipfile/etc.

              I see a nix file, so eager to try it out but I cannot get anu without having anu…

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                Here you go:

                $ curl https://static.crates.io/crates/anu/anu-1.0.0-alpha.crate | tar -tzvf -
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                  Here’s a nix expression (that delegates to cargo): https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/102968

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                    The logo reminds me of the Greendale Community College flag.

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                      E pluribus Anu?

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                      So, this means Pijul is abandoned? Why don’t they say it on the pijul.org website?

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                        Who knows? I’m waiting for the author to have some new genius ideas and start another new rewrite from scratch. Or maybe the one after that.