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    i tried. i really wanted to like it, but the tooling and dev environment under linux is still pretty miserable, and to make matters worse, all the blog posts and tutorials seem to assume you’re using visual studio.

    (if someone wants to play with it, i started a project to make life a little easier)

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      We’re an F# shop, and we have 1 guy learning F# using VS Code / Ionide in Linux exclusively. Frankly, he is kind of struggling without the good debugger in Visual Studio. Ionide has the advantage of being “light weight”, and I use it daily for some purposes, but the debugger and better intellisense in full VS just make the experience so much better.

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        Is the project targeting Mono or .NET Core? If they’re using Mono, there’s a plugin that provides decent (but admittedly not amazing) support for the Mono debugger.

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          Mono. Thanks, I’ll mention that to him.

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      Slow compiling is the worst part.

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        This is good, but I really wish there were more “why F#” tutorials that weren’t aimed at C# developers.

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          Yeah it’s really tragic that Microsoft really doesn’t seem to get how good F# is. They treat it like a toy they can pitch to C# devs.

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          I have a friend who works on the F# team, but I still can’t bring myself to deal with Windows to try it.

          I guess they’re going to keep making it harder for me to say I’m not interested until I have to just say, look, I’m biased. :)