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    Frankly, as one of the authors of Programming Rust, if you’ve gone through steps 1 to 36, you don’t need our book (listed at step 37). ‘course, it’ll take you ten times as long as just reading ours, or TRPL, or Rust in Action - or all three! :)

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      Oh, if you’re here, I wanted to say a huge thank you to you for the book! After some 2-3 cases of bumping off the wall trying to learn Rust in various ways, I saw the 2nd ed. recommended on Reddit, browsed the ToC, saw that It Is Good and has modern stuff (anyhow+thiserror, async+await, macros), waited for it to be available, bought it, took it daily to the beach for reading over a summer holiday, and then found out I don’t hit Rust walls anymore. Thank you, thank you! I’ve since even ordered a nice zippered canvas cover for carrying it to the office as a handy emergency reference (and for self-defense in case I’m attacked on the street, I guess?).

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        I’m so glad you enjoyed it! The ecosystem changes so quickly that some of that stuff is totally out of date already, but I’m really glad it was useful to you.

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      This is more like the Yahoo Directory entry of learning rust.

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        I thought so too, but it’s actually rather an enumerated list of things to look at, depending on what you wanna do in rust.

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        There is such a thing as “modern rust” .. already? That’s hilarious.

        I think what we are seeing play out in real time is the equivalent (in terms of defensive strategy) to the reason your body does not make the soles of your feet into giant calluses when you walk barefoot. Swimming is better than “landing” - agility trumps endurance.

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          You can always use 1.0 2015 edition rust. Things that really changed is the introduction and stabilization of things like async/await and inline assembly.

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            Exactly. “Modern” is a distinction that makes sense in evolved languages like C++ and CMake, because the old way to write it is outright bad today.