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    I’ve used before ExcelCompare and it worked well.


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      Nice to see this. At my job, we use shared (with about 20 people) excel sheets that are not under source control. We use a dedicated sheet to manually document changes, and we manually ‘merge’ them. This might come in handy.

      Do these tools compare code in macro’s as well?

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        Oh this only compares the row and columns values in the excel sheet. But yes we can write such tools to compare the excel. if you can share some more details that how do you want to compare those excel macros then I can look into that. Thanks

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          Oh, thanks for the offer, but I’d feel really bad about that as you would be doing unpaid work for a filthy rich insurance company ;)

          There are a lot of financial institutions that use a excel for everything. You might consider implementing something for macro’s, make a product and try to monetize it.

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            That seems to be a great idea. I’m serious. I can make a product for that macro thing. Can you give me some more details like when do you need this macro comparison ? and Is there any tool which is available on internet? if so, then is it paid? Can you give me the similar tool name?

            Hope I will choose you as my first customer :)

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              I am a consultant at a big insurance company. I don’t use Excel a lot myself, so you’ll have to figure out the details, but basically what’s missing is source control for Excel. Now, I wouldn’t bet on getting financial people to use the command line (they definitely want a GUI), or re-implement git yourself.

              The problem is that .xlsx is a compressed format (apparently you can rename to .zip and unzip to get the plaintext documents, if you can somehow get git to perform compression and decompression after checking out or in files your’d be set, but in practice this might be difficult).

              See https://www.xltrail.com/

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                This reminds me of the time the company I worked for was acquired by a listed US company, and we went all SarbOx.

                The developers got a QA department and elaborate sign-off procedures to prevent a salami-slicing scheme, but as far as I know there was no controls whatsoever of the random Excel “apps” people elsewhere cooked up.

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          In the past, I’ve used daff for a similar effect:


          Live demo:


          It’s an interesting bit of software. It’s written in Haxe and then transpiled into Python, Javascript, Ruby and PHP, which is something you get for free when writing in Haxe. The git integration is also helpful.