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I’m using Firefox as my main browser. However, I often need to use a chromium-based browser. Brave has been a really good option for me. Recently, I’ve just given Vivaldi a try and I loved it. Hence, I’m curious if it’s better privacy-respecting alternative to Brave? What do you guys think about it?

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      Brave is a very shady company. They were caught adding their own affiliate links, promoting sites that never took part in brave donation program (by showing an icon and people sent money to /dev/null)

      Personally I use Vivaldi. So far they did not make any fuckups. I also really like novative UI: pinned sites, configuration of panels, etc.

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        Really? I thought Brave is open source , so anyone can see it source code …

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          They also have their own crypto and by default it means they are shady 😄

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      Why not just use Chromium, or ungoogled-chromium if you really want to get away from Google?

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        Yeah, you’re right. I’ve used ungoogled-chromium. It’s good, really. But sometimes, it’s quite complicated to set up. And, It doesn’t have those nice features like Vivaldi