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    I’ve been using Recursive from the article as my UI font for a while.

    The uniwidth feature makes some things look less janky, for example typing in a URL/search bar, where the matched text is bold. As additional letters match, the other letters all stay in place, and it’s nice.

    Other things I like about it is that it can be monospaced, which I use for code/as default monospace font, as well as “casual,” which I use as my serif font on the web and elsewhere. So it covers all of my UI needs.

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      Every monospace font I’ve used seems to be uniwidth. Bolding characters in a terminal doesn’t cause reflow or “expansion”.

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        This is correct, but monospace fonts are seldom the right choice in general typography.

        Most monospace fonts don’t offer the range of weights that even the small selection of uniwidth fonts discussed here do.